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Few thinks about Apex Legends game:

Apex Legends has been successful since the first day, and has now surpassed an important milestone in the development of Respawn.

Apex Legends, the Electronic Arts Battle Royale shooter, was launched in early February without being announced in advance. However, the game coming from Titanfall 2 developers has enjoyed success. Within a week, Apex Legends gathered more than 25 million players.

Now, one month after launch, it has exceeded 50 million users. However, the Respawn studio did not reveal how many players are at stake at the same time, but in the first weekend since their launch, the number was 2 million.

The game also had problems and some users experienced crashes, more cheats were found, but the success of the game is a fresh air of Electronic Arts. The publisher long awaited a hit, and Apex Legends seems to be just that.

Sure, he has not reached Fortnite yet, with 200 million players and a maximum of 8.3 million connected simultaneously, but Apex Legends proves he has come up with something new in the market, something fans wanted. Epic Games are looking to stop the wave of migration with a new offer. Players who will complete 13 Overtime Challenges will have free access to the Battle Pass for the impending 8 season.

Apex Legends, like Fortnite, is free and is available on consoles and on Windows. The first Battle Pass charge will be introduced this month (March 12, but the date is not certain) and then the first season of the competition will officially begin.

With the launch of the new season, other characters are expected to appear in the game. The first would be the Octane that has the description “adrenaline-dependent”. There will be other characters introduced, but we do not have any information yet.