Destiny 2: Forsaken PC DOWNLOAD

Destiny 2 Forsaken PC DOWNLOAD

Destiny 2: Forsaken is an online-only multiplayer game which was developed by Activision. It is set in a mythical future in which the players will need to be the protectors of Earth and their main goal will be to protect the Last City from different alien races that are attacking. The players will need to go on a journey to regain their light and find a way to defeat Ghaul and also the Red Legion. All of the activities in Destiny 2 are divided and players will have to choose into two different modes among players versus players and players versus the environment.

There will be different modes added to planets which players will enjoy. There are also new activities that have been added which further the story of the game with new content and missions. It has already received a good feedback from the critics and this game is really appreciated because of the newest weapons and activities like the Lost Sectors and also the Adventures which it offers. The changes made in the PvP modes were well welcomed by the critics though some of them said that the lack of the player choice can be a problem with it.