Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars PC DOWNLOAD

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars PC DOWNLOAD

The second DLC add-on for the Far Cry 5 series is the Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC in which Hurk along with Hope County is dropped on Mars to fight against an invasion of alien spiders. The main goal of this game will be to restore the humanity`s last line of defence by using an AI named ANNE. It will feature a whole new Martian open world for the players to explore and the players will also have the chance to take advantage of the different weaponry that this one offers.

The different weapons are going to be quite diverse and the player will be able to choose from Hellfire, Morphinator or Blaster of Disaster which is described as the weapon that turns your enemies into explosive cows. All body parts of Hurk are scattered on Mars and the player will need to uncover all of these parts. Hurk needs to take advantage of the help of technology because he can`t traverse the planet in the state that he is. This game also offers the player to take advantage of an open world and it will be available in a First-Person Shooter mode which the players will enjoy.