This new release called Hitman 2 is a stealth video game which has been developed by IO Interactive. This is the sequel for Hitman: Codename 47. The players will need to make use of an assassin named Agent 47 and the missions they will have to go through will involve contract killings. The player can choose his own style while playing this game out. The character will be given new missions to be completed and he can also set different traps in this one. There will be the possibility to even poison a drink or even terminate the desired target in silence.

47 can even disguise himself as another character in the game and attack similar characters but he has to be careful because the HUD will show how much suspicion will 47 get. The game will make use of the post-mission ranking system which means that the player will be given a status based on the missions he played in. A skilled player who managed to finish the mission without problems will earn the “Silent Assassin” rank. The player will be awarded additional weapons if he will manage to earn the “Silent Assassin” rank in multiple missions in the game.