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PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is a game that refreshes the much-loved battle royale game, which comes with more improvements than other options on the market. Also called PUB or PUBG, abbreviated, is a new Battle Royale multiplayer survival shooter, released by Bluehole Inc., being available in early access on Steam. The main developer Brendan Greene, alias PlayerUnkown, was the one who brought the “Battle Royale” concept to the games for the first time. He was a modder at first and brought this game to Arma 2. Sometime after PlayerUnkown’s success was successful, Daybreak launched H1Z1, being a stand-alone game for Greene’s mode. We can think of PlayerUnkown’s disappointment because he probably did not get any money from the way, but H1Z1 had become very popular on Steam and earned even more money on Steam Market. However, PlayerUnknown took over the idea of Battle Royale from the book of the same name – a story about Japanese students from a fictional authoritarian Japan who were taken to an isolated island. The organizers of the “royal battle” games, for fun, have put some necklaces that explode if they left the island. Students were given weapons and tools, being informed that only the last to survive will be saved, so everyone was forced to kill to try their chance.

At the moment the game itself does not have a background story, but it is rumoured that one will soon appear. In terms of the number of players, the game takes it very well. Two to three weeks after the launch, it’s like this: during the first week it had an average of 35,000 players and a peak of 67,000 in the weekend, during the second week an average of 57,000 and a weekend peak 87,550, and the third week already has an average of about 70,000. According to SteamSpy, until April 9, 863,000 copies of the game were sold (2 days after the launch, only 185,000 were sold). On April 17, we are already at 1,200,000 children sold. The game is also very popular on Twitch, being in the top 5 ever and having a maximum of 150,000 live viewers lately. In short, somewhere from 90 to 100 players are paranoid on an island, where each one struggles against others to stay the last one alive. However, if it’s more detailed, and we’ll do it, the game is more complex for non-informants. Getting into the game, you hit the main menu. Your character is in the foreground, in the background being an apocalyptic landscape from a destroyed church, with grenades and ammunition sprinkled on the ground.

We have three sub-menus: Character, Rewards, and Statistics. At Character, you can customize the character with items that you have the default or that you obtained from crates / buy them from the Steam Market (yes, costs real money). I liked the design to be relatively simplistic and the items are well divided into categories like shoes, accessories, etc. But I think they’ll update it soon and make it a little fancy. At Rewards, you will find for now only Pioneer Crates (a kind of box like in CS: GO). You can buy them with BP coins, which you get playing the game at each end of the round, depending on where you are and the number of killings. From these, you can get ready-to-sell items on Steam Market – it’s quite possible to see limited edition boxes that now open up offering certain items that may be expensive in time. PlayerUnkown said he wants to focus on the economy, so there are cheap, medium and expensive items. The matchmaking system moves pretty fast and is expected, considering a large number of players. After a match has been found, you are teleported to a marginal part of the map alongside the other players until everyone connects. Stay there for about 90 seconds while you can try some weapons on some tables – yet you have to log in among the first to play with them, as the world goes to them as soon as it connects.